Wildebeest herd in Tanzania
National Geographic | February 1972

religion divides

the glass is in sight

black in color and blood in lust

just another institution

wearing handcuffs.

What does change mean to you?

I dont know about you but I feel like a lot of people are now understanding that the system we live isnt what they say it is. if you believe that we live in a very oppressive society and that this monetary system is corrupt, my question to you is, what are your ideas on how to handle issues and topics such as these. what is the next step? are we going to be the generation that sits around and lets this beast blind us into getting exactly what they want…GLOBAL DOMINATION….Progression is regression my friend..were watching it happen as we speak. obamas a puppet. money is the root so follow it and see where it gets you.

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This is like one of the best things I’ve ever seen